Visual Arts

Recycle Art at The North Gateway Transfer Station

Not all public art is as massively noticeable as Janet Echelman's Her Secret is Patience (the large "butterfly net" in downtown Phoenix.

Some collection are a bit hidden, like the Municipal Art Collection at the North Gateway Transfer Station and Materials Recovering Facility. It juts out of the desert horizon at exit 220 on Interstate 17.

We discovered this gem among the trash (literally) when we picked up the City of Phoenix's postcard-style book documenting and describing all the works on permanent display.

In 2009, three artists were commissioned the City of Phoenix Office of Cultural Affairs to "...explore the issues of recycling, sustainability and the environment."

Christopher Colville (Phoenix), Paho Mann (Arizona, now Texas) and Brian Moss (Los Angeles) were selected from more than 40 applicants by the

All three artists works are on permanent display as an integral part of the facility's educational tour. Unannounced visits to see the art collection are not encouraged, but will be accommodated. 

Tours can be booked with Robert Amaya at (602) 534.7098. The postcard-style books showcasing the art with full descriptions (bilingual) are available from the Phoenix Office of Cultural Affairs, or by calling (602) 262.4637.

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Catherine Slye
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