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Red Blank NYC Jeans at Boutique Solie

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Gem features one standout piece from a local shop. Whether it's a jacket, necklace, or handbag, it's on our have-to-have list.

What: Light up your desert drab summertime go-to outfit with a pair of bright red Blank NYC jeans. So long as your leisurely sunbathing doesn't leave your skin matching the fiery tomato threads, this soft, skinny pair will fashionably heat up any daytime look.

Where: Boutique Solie

Cost: $88

Style It: Already infected with Olympic fever, we decided to style the jeans with a nod toward the upcoming games. A gold-tone Stella McCartney whistle and silvery sequin slip-ons from Jimmy Choo score points on the metallic front, while the dramatic 3.1 Philip Lim PVC pop art tote captures the tears that often accompany Olympians' blood and sweat. Top off the sportif-infused outfit with a silky, semi-sheer Tory Burch blouse with navy blue piping. After all, a little layer of ladylike is always appreciated on the playing field.

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