Tempe's New Loft a GoGo Shop Plays to the Hip

There's a big divide between the gorgeous, contemporary lofts that TV shows depict the college crowd living in and the dingy, broken down, teetering-on-condemnation flophouses that most real world starving students are relegated to.

One place I lived in during my undergrad days had fist-sized holes in one wall and a floor so tilted a marble (or, more likely, a roach) would naturally roll to the north side.

You can't do much to upgrade a pad like that when your budget barely covers ramen noodles, but if you have a little extra cash from selling last semester's books -- or a tax refund on the way -- you can hip-ify your place with locally flavored goodies at the new Loft a GoGo store that recently opened next to Divaz on Mill Avenue.

We took a first peek at the goods inside, which range from a $20 vintage-looking photo frame to a sweet $600 nested dining table set.

Peep the photos after the jump...

'Black, white and red all over' isn't just a punchline.

Cheeky signs that range from about forty bucks to upwards of $100 are stamped with local flavor. We especially love the one on the left, which reads, "Tempe Town Lake: There's something in the water." Yeah, like maybe a three-eyed fish?

"We're hoping to open other stores in Flagstaff and Tucson this year," says owner Rich Baxter. "Each store will have a very local character." Loft a GoGo is planning to sell locally made art, in addition to the rustic signs Baxter sources from out of state.

More local flavor, including a retro lounge sign that would go perfectly with your mid-century modern decor. "I have a home full of Copenhagen Furniture and Z Gallerie art," Baxter explains. "I have long intended to do something similar on Mill Ave, only hipper and more affordable. If a college student can't afford it, we don't stock it." Clearly, today's college students are a little more well off than the mac n' cheese set of a decade ago.

The picture of you waking up with a stranger after that last pub crawl would look especially fine in this "Tempe Motel" frame.

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