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Test Your Knowledge of The Good Place With Our Quiz

The cast of NBC's The Good Place at San Diego Comic Con.
The cast of NBC's The Good Place at San Diego Comic Con. Flickr/aitchisons
This week, we say goodbye to the best television show of this century (or, dare we say, of all-time): The Good Place.

The sitcom, created by Parks and Recreation's Michael Schur and starring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson, successfully combined philosophy's big ideas with the internal struggles of four deceased individuals who are trying to redeem themselves in the afterlife.

Beyond a great sitcom, though, The Good Place is an intellectually subversive lifestyle. Bringing philosophy into the mainstream, discussing an afterlife outside of the Judeo-Christian norm, and rooting a substantive portion of the characters well outside of any conceivable binary, Schur’s series worked within the network system to bring us something that, in recent years, has only been available on streaming platforms and premium cable channels.

Also, it’s just damn funny.

As the series comes to a close after four seasons, we have put together this 12 question quiz for fans of the show (Full disclosure: The authors also host what some would consider a mildly popular podcast on the topic), so expect a ton of spoilers. You can watch the first three seasons streaming on Netflix and the fourth season on NBC’s website to study up.

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