The iPhone Stun Gun Case: Because 650k Volts Should Always Be That Close to Your Head

You can thank the sparky brain of 23-year-old Seth Froom for a new chapter in the Darwin Awards -- he's currently raising cash to develop an iPhone case with a 650k volt taser.

According to his campaign page Indie Go Go, the on the online crowdfunding piggy bank for all sorts of ideas, Froom, a former military police officer, was attacked by an armed robber who stole his cell phones, laptops, and gadgets. And while Froom wasn't looking for revenge, he wanted to create something that might have altered the situation.

... That, and having an all-in-one spotty service cell phone, music player, camera, GPS system, calendar, song identifier, pug hipstamatic machine, AND a weapon would be just too good to pass up.

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Claire Lawton
Contact: Claire Lawton