The Lena Denim (Yes, Denim) Dress

If you've been experiencing withdrawals from Lena Dunham's HBO television series Girls, you're not alone. Every Sunday we've been racing to a friend's house or hacking into someone else's HBO Go account to watch the latest awkward drama unfold between Dunham's characters, or gawk at the latest outfit Jessa is somehow pulling off.

And while Girls merchandise will continue to crop up until the debut of Season 3, we spotted a slightly disturbing rendition of a dress worn by the not-so-fashionable Hannah (played by Dunham) on Modcloth.

Introducing the Lena Denim Dress.

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Yes, for those who aspire to dress sloppily, match unsuccessfully, and always manage to share too much information, the Lena Denim Dress -- at a cool $64.99 -- is all yours.

In the words of the brain trust of copywriters at Modcloth:

Becoming the voice of your generation - or, perhaps, "a" generation - is all about expressing yourself. Why not let your wardrobe in on the fun? When you're not proving your high-fashion prowess in awards-show-stopping gowns, let this denim design flaunt your free-spirited style with unpretentious perfection.

Wear this collared dress atop your coolest short-sleeved graphic tee - the screen-printed portrait of your fave hip-hop star subtly peeking out from above the two stone-brown buttons. Cast a seafoam shoulder bag, black over-the-knee socks, and some lace-up booties alongside this playful piece, and snap a selfie to share with your best girls. Whether it's with neon mesh marvels or laidback beauties such as this dress, you're always making a fun, fresh statement!

Ladies, avoid.

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