The Ostrich: A Portable Sleeping Bag for Your Head

Finally, a solution for the the inevitable moment around 2:45 p.m. when your eyes glaze over and the computer screen gets a little bit blurry. You convince yourself no one will notice, and no one will -- especially if you're wearing a huge-ass pillow on your head.

The ostrich -- likely named for the stupid bird you'll resemble when you stick your head in a (breathable?) hole for an afternoon snooze -- comes from the worldwide braintrust of designers who call themselves Kawamura Ganjavian, and who we can also thank for useful designs including the earshell and finger-puppet utensils.

The large pillow with hand holes is convenient for nap-time nosepicking, sleep snacking, and the occasional breath you might be able to catch while your head's engulfed in a large, muggy sac.

It will also definitely land you the office hot chick who makes her daily mid-afternoon walk to the copy machine, result in a crazy ability to lucid dream about Office Space, and will most definitely get you fired.

No word yet from the Ganjavians on when the sleeping bag for your head will be released to the public, so it looks like you'll just have to be like every other functional office napper, fold your arms, and hope afternoon goes by just a little bit faster.

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Claire Lawton
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