Wedding Uggs: Perfect for When "I Do" Becomes "I Don't"

Just in time for the college set to break out the mini-skirts, tank tops, engagement rings, and furry boots (it is summer, after all), comes the "I Do" collection from Ugg.


The wedding collection of furry foot ovens includes a sequin bomb boot (pictured left), a shearling covered "fluff" flip flop, and a bejeweled boot made perfect for you, your bridesmaids, and the trashcan after each gets hit with a glass of wine or a dirty foot.

The iridescent sequin ($190) is described as a "stylish and glittery take" on the classic Ugg that's sure to "sure to turn heads and stand out in a crowd whether walking down the aisle, during pre-wedding pampering, or as luxurious gifts for the wedding party." (Note: a good friend buys gifts from the registry.)

The jeweled Bailey Button boot ($225) has a a soft, sheepskin-covered insole (sorry vegans) and light and flexible, molded-EVA outsole that'll look great with that dress and will give lovely form to the calves you've been hitting the gym to shape since you purchased your first wedding magazine.

And the flip-flop ($80) is the most you'll ever pay to have someone cut two slits in a stuffed animal and slap them on your pedicured toes.

While you have a slight chance of convincing the bride-to-be otherwise (with the help of the video below), a true Ugger is hard to rehabilitate.

Here's to fugly ever after.

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Claire Lawton
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