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Amanda Palmer 's "Oasis" Video Too Saucy for Brits

It's times like this I'm extra thankful for George Washington. It appears Amanda Palmer's brilliant single "Oasis," and the accompanying video have effectively banned in Britain for "making light of rape, religion and abortion." You can read all about it on her blog, where the Dresden Doll gets right to the point: "if you cannot sense the irony in this song, you're about two intelligence points above a kumquat."

Clearly, "Oasis" does joke about rape, religion and abortion, but that's sort of the point. Some part of me wonders if they're actually upset anyone would joke about being obsessed with Oasis, which is clearly laughable to most folks outside the Isles. Either way, NME tv, Scuzz, kerrang, MTV, Q, sadly, don't get the dryness of contemporary American humor. Perhaps Palmer should "put a donk on it" and see if the Brits bite.

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Martin Cizmar
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