Casey Donahew Band at Denim & Diamonds, 2/10/12

Casey Donahew Band

Denim & Diamonds

Friday, February 10, 2012


"Up all night sippin' on whiskey n' drinkin' beer."

Well that definitively described the concert by the Casey Donahew Band last night.

The energy level was so high, you almost didn't notice that drummer TAZ was missing. He was in the hospital, but the band stepped it up and soldiered on without him.

J.J. Soto, lead guitarist played drums for the night, while A.C. Copeland, keyboardist took over lead guitar for the night.

The parking lot was already packed, lines out the door and everyone was singing and dancing, of course.

Even without a keyboard for the night, the band made a true impression. The fiddle, electric and acoustic guitar, drums and bass still kept the crowd on their toes, even those who were a little too intoxicated, which was a good chunk of the crowd.

The concert started off with a chant for Casey. Next thing you knew you were "living the double wide dream."  The band is originally from the Fort Worth, Texas area, and they draw from the Texas experience: drinking some Shiner, and eating some Bar-B-Que from the stockyards.

Donahew and the band pulled out some surprising moves, giving "Bawitdaba" by Kid Rock a Texas twist. Casey Donahew Band took this song and made it their own, then tore into "White Trash Story." The crowd went crazy. The two contrasting songs flowed together so well.

It seemed that the crowd was eager to take Donahew's lyrical suggestions to hear: "Talk about the good times/And drink down the bad."

Critic's Notebook: Last Night: Casey Donahew Band Crowd: Beers in everyone's hands. Dancing, mainly two-stepping. Overheard in the crowd: "Yee-Haw!" and "Woo-hoo!" Yeah, that was the general consensus of the crowd.

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