Maloney's Tavern Closes Its Tempe and Scottsdale Locations

Jonathan McNamara
There will be no more pour at Maloney's on Campus in Tempe, at least for the foreseeable future.

When hundreds of drunken douchebags and frat-boys festive revelers jammed into Maloney's on Campus for the Saint Patrick's Day tent party last Tuesday, they probably had little idea that the fete was essentially the Tempe bar's last hurrah. But indeed it was, as the quasi-Irish college hangout located just east of ASU closed this past Saturday.

Maloney's second Valley location, near Shea Boulevard and Loop 101 in Scottsdale, also shut its doors within the past few weeks. Ironically, the Tempe version just went through a major remodeling and facelift within the past year.

According to Oliver Badgio, a spokesperson for the Maloney's Tavern chain (which also has locations in both Flagstaff and Tucson as well as three western states), both drinkeries were shuttered due to -- what else? -- a downturn in business. The chain first got it start in the Valley back in the early 90s, with the Tempe Maloney's opening in 1993.

Badgio says while no immeadiate plans have been made, both of the closed locations will be ons will "reconceptualized" either as a new and improved version of Maloney's or as an entirely new bar altogether.

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