ROC Thursdays Launches Tomorrow Night at Scottsdale's Drinx

Next time you're bombing around Old Town Scottsdale, be sure to pick up a rock. Next, try flinging it in any direction. Chances are relatively good that you'll hit some gaudy discotheque with a Top 40 night. (Note: It's also possible to substitute a dead cat for this trick).

What's our point? That you won't have to look very hard to playing said genre ad nauseum. Or trance. Or mash-ups. Or electro. Or club bangers.

As for a dubstep night? Eh, not so much. That particular EDM flavor is more of a Phoenix kinda thing, which is why it's notable that DJ Louder and his cohorts are attempting to bring the grimy and dark bass-heavy English-born genre to Scottsdale with Roc Thursdays starting tomorrow evening at Drinx (7330 East Stetson Drive, Scottsdale, 480-423-9434).

"I know we're taking a real leap with this, since Scottsdale has no clue about what dubstep is, but we're trying to push some new sounds into that town," he says.

The evening begins in familiar territory with some old-school jams and electro hip-hop early on starting at 9 p.m., but after midnight is when the subwoofers will start shaking as Louder will start seguing into fast-paced breakbeats and darkly grimy dubstep territory after midnight.

DJ Soloman (of Zuma Grill fame) will be the special guest during the first week, with future guests including Casper...That Funky Deejay (on June 25), and the team of the Brook B, Hazardous, and Rob Kwik from the Dirt Assasinz (on July 2). Plans are also afoot, Louder says, to bring in local low-bass DJs and dubstep aficionados CRUZ and Ultra Black.

The walls start shaking at 9 p.m. and there's no cover whatsoever. Visit the Myspace for more.

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