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Your New Favorite Band: Twin Sister

Twin Sister is a Long Island-bred indie-pop quintet that creates lush, dreamy music. The songs are an outburst of melody enriched with a deep sense of emotion and atmosphere, personified by lead singer, Andrea Estella's warm, whispered vocals resulting in a remarkable set of songs that can only be described as a feeling of calm euphoria.

Twin Sister burst onto the scene with 2004's Vampires With Dreaming Kids EP - a collection of demos that displayed subtle hints of what was to come. The band's five members became friends when they crossed paths at various local shows in Long Island, eventually trading ideas and demos back and forth, culminating in the aforementioned EP.

They followed up their debut with 2010's Color Your Life. A more polished record, that displayed their musical prowess. The EP features six stunningly beautiful songs, cleverly crafted with such grace that it's relatively grandeur nature contrasts heavily with it's feverishly minimalist lo-fi pop production. Guitarist/Co-singer, Eric Cardona's soft, charming vocals serves as the perfect backdrop for Andrea's breathy singing-style. 

What's most intriguing about Color Your Life is the variety of influences evident on the record - clearly helmed by each member's varying background, it shows their willingness to draw in their obvious love of '70s pop, but in an entirely different, previously untouched territory. Blending in elements of disco and fascinatingly, traditional Indian pop - "Milk & Honey" is a clear example of their seemingly expanding reach. Their love for classic Indian Music is perhaps best noted on the mix they released last year, "Orientalism: A Mix of Indian Film Music"

They've proven themselves as a band that's clearly not afraid of experimenting with all sorts of sounds and musical styles in-order to created their own unique blend of shimmering Indie pop. 

Color Your Life brought them the much needed attention and following they deserved, and their infections tunes sent music bloggers into a frenzy. After considering various label options, they settled on Domino, who will be releasing their long-awaited debut, In Heaven on September 27. The lead-off single from the record is the ultra-funky, "Bad Street", which they recently released a video for (see below). They dropped a new single, the glistening pop cut, "Gene Ciampi" a few days ago, another testament to their unique, pop sensibilities.

This is a band at the helm of indie-stardom and their upcoming record, In Heaven just might be the perfect launching pad.

In Heaven drops on September 27 via Domino.

Check out the tracklist below:

1. Daniel
2. Stop
3. Bad Street
4. Space Babe
5. Kimmi in a Rice Field
6. Luna's Theme
7. Spain
8. Gene Ciampi
9. Saturday Sunday
10. Eastern Green

Watch the wickedly fun video for "Bad Street", below:

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