30 Things to Do in Phoenix Before You Turn 30

Attention people in Phoenix under the age of 30: We have a list of things you pretty much need to do before you turn 30.

Here are 30 things to do before you turn 30 (and if you're over 30, you can still knock out some of these):

30.) Check out First Friday

29.) Move out of the suburbs, and into Phoenix proper

28.) Rent a Jeep, and drive on some rocks

27.) Road trip out of Phoenix to the far corners of the state (except Yuma, that's probably the worst corner)

26.) Do an obstacle race

25.) Go see some local music

24.) Go to one of those hip coffee joints (pretending to be some sort of artist is optional)

23.) Take a look for the Lost Dutchman's Gold (please don't die)

22.) Treat Yo Self for a day in Paradise Valley

21.) Try to survive a day without a car

20.) Avoid going to Tent City

19.) Be a good yuppie and buy a house in an up-and-coming neighborhood

18.) Visit as many of Arizona's roadside attractions as possible

17.) See at least one game involving each of the four pro sports teams (bonus points for ASU games)

16.) Vote, FFS

15.) Attend the Waste Management Phoenix Open (goofy outfit optional)

14.) Sneak into a hotel pool

13.) Try some of Phoenix's weirder cocktails

12.) Smoke marijuana . . . for medicinal purposes

11.) Participate in a bar crawl

10.) Drive the Apache Trail

9.) Run with the bulls in Cave Creek

8.) Hike Camelback Mountain (if you've lived here more than six months and haven't already, that's unacceptable)

7.) Attempt one of the several Man v. Food challenges in Phoenix

6.) Pick up an authentic Scottsdale divorcée

5.) Learn how to drive (at a place like the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving)

4.) Eat deep-fried everything at the State Fair, before you really get a grasp of nutrition

3.) Go bar-hopping on Mill Avenue (try not to lose your trousers)

2.) Admit that you like living here

1.) Finish at least half of our ultimate Phoenix Bucket List

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.