Arizona Cardinals to Fans: Sorry for Sucking

The Arizona Cardinals have a message for fans: sorry for sucking.

In a mea culpa letter from team President Michael Bidwill to season ticket holders, he basically apologizes to fans for the horrendous 2010 season -- in which the Cards finished in last place in the worst division in the NFL with a measly 5-11 record -- and promises to make the appropriate changes.

"We had much higher expectations for 2010 and not meeting them is as frustrating to us as it is to you. Our singular focus now is returning to the type of football that you have come to expect and that led to back-to-back-division titles, six playoff games in two years, a conference championship, and a Super Bowl appearance. We failed to meet that standard in 2010 and changes will be made," Bidwill says in the letter.

He goes on to say he's encouraged by the experience gained by some of last year's draft picks, but promises an "honest and candid assessment" of where the Cards are and what they need to do to make it back to the postseason.

If part of that "honest and candid assessment" doesn't include putting quarterback Derek Anderson on the first train to early-retirement-ville, and finding a worthwhile QB, it needs to.

Anderson finished the season with a piss-poor passer rating of 65.9 -- thanks, in part, to throwing 10 interceptions while only hurling seven touchdowns.

It's pretty clear Anderson won't be with the club next season, but that still leaves a gaping hole for the Cards at the quarterback position.

After Anderson sucked his way to a reserved seat on the bench, those called in to fill his spot -- two of whom were undrafted rookies -- were equally unimpressive.

Max Hall only mustered one TD in his six appearances with the team last season, but he managed to get picked off six times.

John Skelton fared a little better in the interception department, only throwing two in five appearances, but like Hall and Anderson, he was rarely able to get the ball into the end zone, throwing only two touchdowns.

That being the case, apology accepted, Mr. Bidwill -- now find a f***ing quarterback.

See Bidwill's letter to fans here.

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