Guinness World Record Set For Skinny Dipping

He assures us that his skin cancer is a result of youthful recklessness, not his current lifestyle. Now he's an old man who spends weekends hanging out by the pool and playing water volley ball. He's also stark naked, but that's cool because so is everyone else.

This guy, who asked not to be identified, is one of 232 nudists who helped set a Guinness World Record this weekend for skinny-dipping at Shangri La Ranch just north of Phoenix. Shangri La representatives took a head count once everyone was in the pool and documented the event with several roof-top shots, which were submitted to Guinness along with similar evidence from more than 120 other locations across the country.

The record-setting event was the final hurrah of the American Association for Nude Recereation's Rec Week. We ask the old man what other events he participated in during the week and he says "nothin'." Hanging out around the pool seems to be the priority around Shangri La, though the old man says he's game for nude karaoke on occasion.

"Does being nude accentuate the emotional impact of the songs you sing?" we ask, intrigued by the notion of nude karaoke.

What we get in return is a world record-setting eye roll and a short response: "Oh get real."

Stay tuned to Valley Fever for the final tally from Guinness.

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Jonathan McNamara