Scottsdale Police Put Video of Woman and 4-Year-Old Getting Hit by Car on YouTube

The Scottsdale Police Department posted a video on YouTube today, and if you like watching a woman and her 4-year-old kid get hit by a car, it's right up your alley.

The video shows a woman pushing her child in a stroller and then basically running in front of an SUV as it begins to accelerate. Then: splat -- the woman and the child get hit by the SUV (don't worry -- both the woman and the child are OK, according to police).

The driver was initially cited, but that citation has been thrown out.

From the Scottsdale P.D.:

Given the new evidence presented by the video, the investigating officer has requested the original citation given to the SUV driver be dismissed. The video shows the pedestrians run into the path of the vehicle that was so close that it was difficult for the driver to yield.

See video of the collision below.

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