Thanks Kurt: Warner Compromises after Frisco Trip; Reduces Salary Demand by About $3 Million a Year

Kurt Warner makes a Christian move (sort of).

In what ESPN's calling a "hometown discount," the Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback and his agent, Mark Bartelstein, apparently have amended his contract demand to the team to a two-year, $23 million deal, with $12 million guaranteed.

The Cardinals had been offering $20 million over two years, with half guaranteed. Warner and Bartlestein wanted something in the neighborhood of $29 million, with more guaranteed (about $14.5 million a year is what the five most highly compensated QBs in the NFL make).

Warner, who'll be 38 by the start of the season (ancient for an NFL signal-caller), made $4 million last year. 

The Arizona Republic quotes Bartelstein as saying that the San Francisco 49ers, whom Warner visited Monday, were offering more than his client's now proposing, so the Cardinals should realize what a smokin' deal he and Warner have now put on the table.

And that Warner's willing to give up $1 million a year of the new proposal if Arizona agrees to a new contract with Anquan Boldin.

Don't you just love it when multi-millionaire athletes stick together? Heart-warming, though this probably has more to do with Warner than with Boldin. Sure Kurt's got Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Breaston, both stellar receivers, but keeping Q around will only improve Kurt's stats.

Boldin's said he didn't want to stay with the Cards because he felt dissed in his attempt to renegotiate his contract, but the team's Web site's reported (citing a couple of sports blogs) that he's open to signing a new deal.

That's nice, because Boldin still has two years remaining on his current $22.75 million contract. But he wants whatever Fitzgerald got last season -- which's a four-year, $40 million contract.

There was rumor after the Super Bowl that Fitzgerald was willing to restructure his deal to keep Boldin happy, but that was apparently bogus. Guess Larry doesn't go to Kurt's church. 



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