10 Food Myths Debunked

We've all heard our fair share of food-based fables: watermelon seeds growing inside your stomach, bread crusts turning your hair curly...

But how many of these old wives' tales are actually true? We sought expert advice from the Arizona State University School of Nutrition and Health Promotion. Offering their professional two cents are: Director Linda Vaughan, PhD, RD; Professor/ Associate Director Carol Johnston, PhD, RD; and Senior Lecturer/Registered Dietitian Rick Hall, MS, RD In some cases, the experts disagreed -- so we'll give you both sides and let you decide.

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Eating yogurt improves bad breath.

Vaughan: "It just might! If a person eats yogurt every day, the 'healthy' bacteria in the yogurt tend to overwhelm the odor causing bacteria that had been present in the mouth. Eating yogurt might also lower risk of gingivitis or gum disease."

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Katie Johnson
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