13 Best/Worst Jesus Cakes for Easter

This Sunday, lots of folks will celebrate Easter not only with their hearts and minds, but also with their stomachs.

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Here are 13 of the best/work Jesus cakes for the season that should do the trick. They're sacri-delicious!

13.) I'll Be Back (Above)

12.) Jesus Emerging From a Seven-Layer Cake of Hell

11.) Jesus Eye-Stare Cake -- Now With More Trance

10.) My Hero!

9.) Potato Jesus!

8.) Hey, You Got Your Marzipan Jesus in My Devil's Food Cake Cross!

7.) This Seems Logical

6.) Mommy, Have You Seen My Ken Doll?

5.) He Is Risen (And, Judging By the Blood Red Lettering, Is Coming to Kill You)

4.) Well, of Course He's Sad

3.) Jesus Riding on Falcor the Dragon from the Movie the The NeverEnding Story Because Awesome

2.) Resurrection Cake With Chocolate Chip Cookie Stone

1.) Raptor Jesus

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