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Arizona Restaurant Week 2011; Our Top 10 Menu Picks Revealed

Restaurant Week 2011 is just one week away. With more than 200 restaurants participating, it's hard to sort through all of those menu. Every time you look at one and think, "Holy cow that sounds amazing," then you look at the next two and completely forgot about the first one since the next two were just as good. A good problem to have! 

We understand your pain; that's why we took notes and compared menus and finally we narrowed it down. They all look awesome, but these ten just happen to be our faves. 

10. The Stockyards - $30 includes one draft or bottled beer, or a glass of house wine with your choice of a salad or soup; prime rib, cornmeal crusted trout (a must try), chop steak, or a chicken spinach salad; and then we could list all the dessert options but you're going to want to go for the pecan pie. 

9. ZuZu at the Valley Ho - $30 includes a glass of house wine. Pick from three different apps including crab cakes; four home-style entrees like beef stroganoff (who makes this stuff any more?!) or ZuZu's signature burger; finish things off with rum gelato or a lemon meringue tart. Vegetarian options are available.

8. House of Tricks - For $30 you can dine on one of the best patios in Phoenix and we can't wait to enjoy it (at night) while partaking in whatever comes out of Chef Kelley's kitchen. Smoked sweet corn vichysoisse with gruyere buttermilk fondue and grilled hanger steak are just two delicious sounding items on the menu. Vegetarian options available.

7. Citizen Public House - CPH's beautiful scallops are on the menu, along with "Pig in the Orchard" bread pudding. That's all you need to know. $30, gluten-free and vegetarian options available.

6. Big Earl's BBQ - The meal is paired with beer. Barbecue and beer, what more could you ask for? $30, gluten-free available.

5. Sushi Roku - Roku decided to skip dessert and give you three courses of the good stuff including seaweed salad, Yellowtail sashimi, and grilled seabass. They are also throwing in one specialty cocktail. $30, gluten-free and vegetarian options available.

4. Posh - At this improvisational dining spot, you'll get four courses of who-knows-what but this is the one week we can afford it so we're going to give it a shot. $40.

3. Blanco's - This is the best deal we found. Pick from one of three apps to share, then each of you can choose your own taco plate and then wrap it up with a shared dessert. $30 for TWO, vegetarian option.

2. Cork - We might not ever have the chance to eat here normally and the stripped seabass and house-made wine infused sorbets at this Chandler wine bar are calling our name. $40.

1. Different Pointe of View - Lobster bisque (pick from three appetizers), Cedar River filet mignon (or scallops, pork, or halibut), any dessert we want AND the one of the best views in Phoenix. Sign us up! $40, gluten-free and vegetarian options available.

For reservations, complete menus, and the entire Restaurant Week line-up, click here

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