Arizona Wine at Devoured 2013

Pavle Milic knows his way around a bottle of Arizona wine, so when he graciously offered to give us the rundown on the local wine showcased last weekend at Devoured, we jumped at the chance. Full disclosure: As co-owner of FnB in Scottsdale, Milic serves AZ wine and he's in the process of making his own wine for the first time with the help of the folks from Dos Cabezas.

I'm sitting in the backseat of a car, two people in the front, and I'm drinking champagne through the cork of a bottle as we pass Bunt High School in Brooklyn. The two people in the front are lawyers. One turns and says to me, "What are you doing drinking through the cork?" and I say, "I'm bunting."

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Pavle Milic
Contact: Pavle Milic