Chaka Chaka Just Keeps Getting Better

A little birdie (okay, Facebook) told us that our new favorite lunch spots, Chaka Chaka, added a few more items to their already fabulous, yet small, menu.

We paid our favorite chef/comedian, Charlie Blonkenfeld, a visit this week to try out the new eats. Just as we suspected --- soooo good.

The hardest part was resisting our standby, the jerked chicken. But in the interest of journalism, we did just that and tried both the beef and chicken tacos (they also have veggie). Freshly grilled tender chunks of meat, shredded cabbage and mango cilantro salsa overflowed the two warm corn tortillas.

The fried rice is like nothing we've tasted before: tender rice bursting with ripe tomatoes, fresh basil and lots of garlic. The black bean soup was a little thick to be considered a soup but it was still the best bowl of black beans we have tasted in quite a while.

 Don't forget to add a side of fries. Caution -- they are so addicting you will eat the entire (gigantic) bag!


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