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Chef Christopher Gross Brings Back "Petit Plates" Menu at Christopher's and Crush Lounge

James Beard Award-winning chef Christopher Gross has been serving top-quality French fare to the Biltmore neighborhood of years. At Christopher's and Crush Lounge you can always count on Gross' menu that blend classic French cuisine with modern, American dining tastes.

And as of this week he's added another way for you to explore the food of France, through his new Petit Plates menu that features dozens of small plates designed for sharing, snacking, or building your own complete meal.

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The new menu, which debuted last Friday, features bistro-style small bites, most of which are priced below $9. The options range from $6 chicken wings to escargot en croute withgarlic herb butter for $14.

Gross says the inspiration for the menu comes from a restaurant in Paris, where a Basque chef does this genre of French food in small plates -- like a French take on Spanish tapas.

"This is our way of giving guests a taste of French cooking, without having to leave town," Gross says. "The menu shows diners that French food is a lot more flavorful -- and more approachable -- than they might think. It's perfect for summer."

Gross introduced the small-plate ideas last summer, though this year's menu is longer and offers even lower price points.

The Petit Plates are available in the wine-centric Crush Lounge (the menu includes suggested wine pairings), as well as at the kitchen bar in the Christopher's dining room. The special summer menu will be available through August 31.

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