Obama treats the issue of ice cream more seriously than Romney.
Obama treats the issue of ice cream more seriously than Romney.

Ice Cream for President! at Udder Delights

Unfortunately, ice cream can't run for president. But, from now until November 6, you can cast your vote by eating a scoop at Superstition Farm's ice cream shop. Head to Udder Delights to select one of two political flavors: Ba-Rocky Road or Mint Romney.

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These flavors originally appeared during the 2008 election, when ice cream tasters foresaw the future, choosing Mint Romney over John Candy Cane in a landslide victory. This year's election results will show just how clairvoyant those taste buds were -- during the last presidential race, the Republican Romney creamed the Democratic Ba-Rocky by nearly three scoops to two.

Note: Voting via ice cream is not recognized by the U.S. government.

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