Joseph Wasneski's Mint Julep

​Yesterday we met Joseph Wasneksi, the better-looking twin who pours drinks at Scottsdale's AZ88. Today he shares with us the recipe for the bar's Mint Julep, perfect for watching horse races or cooling down on a summer night.

AZ88 makes use of the same style of silver glass as you see rich gentry sipping on at the Kentucky Derby, though while AZ88's are silver-plated, the ones at Churchill Downs are the real deal.

The ingredients:

2.5 oz. Maker's Mark bourbon
½ oz. mint simple syrup (equal parts sugar and water, boiled for ten minutes with mint leaves)
Fresh mint
Crushed ice

How to make it:

Get yourself a silver breaker glass and put in the mint, then the simple syrup. Muddle, and pack the whole glass with very finely crushed ice. Then pour in the whiskey, stir and garnish with some fresh mint. Sip and throw down some money on the long shot -- you never know. 

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