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Juice Core Opens Fresh Juice Shop in Old Town Scottsdale

It's been a long time coming. The Juice Core Corps -- mother/daughter teams Kelly Watkins and Taylor Renteria, Patty Flanigan and Katie Flanigan, the fresh-faced foursome who make yummy, unpasteurized green drinks from 100 percent raw and organic juices -- have been planning to open a retail space for over a year now.

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And if all goes well with inspections, it will happen tomorrow. Their small, cute Juice Core shop will open in the former Lee's Cream Liqueurs space at 7137 E. Stetson Drive in Scottsdale. If you want to nourish your bod or just slim it down for bathing suit weather, here's what you need to know.

Juice Core makes over 20 different fresh juices, offered in 16-ounce bottles containing five to seven pounds of fresh produce and priced at $10 and $12. On any given day, the shop will feature about seven different drinks based on what's in season. We can also expect to find fresh almond milk, also said to offer a multitude of health benefits (16 ounces, $10), and one or two elixirs (smaller, super-concentrated juice formulas, $6, Friday only). Because moms wanted smaller size juice bottles for their kids, Juice Core now offers 8-ounce juices for $6-$7.

Popular juice flavors include:

Mother Earth -- Juice Core's signature blend, containing kale, spinach, romaine, cucumber, celery, fennel, green apple, parsley, lemon, and ginger

Kick Some Acid -- an alkalizer (meant to change the body's pH) containing green apple, lemon, and ginger

Strawberry Fields -- a seasonal favorite containing strawberry, cucumber, mint, green apple, and coconut water

Ctrl Alt Delete -- (offering liver/kidney support) containing beet, carrot, kale, fennel, and ginger celery

Patty Flanigan says Juice Core will probably offer a few salads and sandwiches down the line, but they plan to grow the concept slowly. Being deliberate surely hasn't hurt their business so far.

And by the way, as a little incentive, Juice Core will be offering $10 off cleanses for the first month.

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