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Karl's Quality Bakery Has a New Location -- and an Indiegogo Campaign

It was last June when we first caught wind of a landlord dispute that threatened to force Karl's Quality Bakery (and The Baker's Daughter) to move after more the 20 years at 8847 North Seventh Avenue. In September, Karl and Christine Boerner, the Swiss-trained father-daughter pastry chef team behind the bakery and the adjacent chocolate shop Baker's Daughter, announced they would have to vacate the space in just 10 days. At the time, they said they had found a new space but weren't able to name the exact address.

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Well, it's a new year and it seems that things are looking up for the Boerners -- at least, sort of. On one hand, they've announced a location for both the bakery and the Baker's Daughter with hopes to open early this year. But the family has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise the money they need to get the new space up and running, so it looks as though their troubles aren't over just yet.

The new Karl's Quality Bakery and Baker's Daughter will be at 111 East Dunlap Suite 13, inside The Marketplace at Central. That means the new location will keep the Boerners in the Sunnyslope neighborhood where they've always been and will be located less than a mile from their original location.

But the Indiegogo campaign, which began on Thursday, January 16, and will run until Friday, February 14, indicates that the family needs quite a lot of money to get the doors open. The goal amount to raise is $23,000, and according to the website the money will go toward:

  • Maintenancing Equipment & Installation
  • Packaging Materials & Start-Up Supplies
  • Employee Training
  • Uniforms

According to the Karl's Quality Bakery voicemail, the family hopes to have the new spot open by late February, giving them two weeks from the time the campaign is set to end.

There's no information on the site about what will happen if they aren't able to meet their funding goal, but because the campaign is a Flexible Funding campaign, the family will get to keep the money they raise whether or not they reach their goal.

You can see the campaign and make donations on the Indiegogo website.

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