New Coffee Shop Opening Next to Over Easy in Arcadia: Is This a Good Idea? Discuss.

Look, I'm no expert when it comes to real estate for restaurants (my idea for a neighborhood bar next to a Mormon temple failed miserably), but when I walked out of Over Easy in Arcadia a few days ago and walked past a "coming soon" new coffee shop just one space away, I had to take pause.

A coffee house next to a breakfast joint -- is this a good idea? Given the number of restaurant closings these days, maybe I'm just hyper-sensitive.

Get the details after the jump and lemme know what you think.

The new java joint is called the Black Cat Coffee House. A construction worker told me it's the owner's first venture and is set to open in August. Not surprisingly, Black Cat will offer espresso-based drinks, specialty coffees, and pastries.

Judging by my quick peek inside, the place looks pretty cozy already.

What say you, Java Fiends? Is Black Cat, a specialty coffee and pastry shop that's one door away from Over Easy, a breakfast joint that sells regular coffee (also an ice-brewed coffee with cinnamon and cardamom) and breakfast sandwiches different enough or are the two too close for comfort?

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