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Now Open: Big Jimmy's Five Dollar Pizza

Hey Tempe, you have a brand new pizza spot and it may be the best five dollar pizza we've ever tasted.

Located on Apache just east of Dorsey in the same complex as Food City, Big Jimmy's is cranking out crazy good pizza for crazy cheap prices.

It's no Cibo or Pizzeria Bianco but for five dollars it can't be beat.

We normally wouldn't make a big deal about a take out pizza place but Jimmy's is different. They make their dough from scratch (it's the perfect amount of fluffy and chewy), their sauce is super flavorful, and they even have flavored crust. Oh and they're open till 3 a.m.

This place is almost dangerous. We accidentally ate there three times in the last four days and we probably won't be buying a lame frozen pizza from the grocery store as long as this place is around.

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Shannon Armour
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