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June Restaurant D-List: Juice Bars, Country Clubs, and Assisted Living Facilities

The Strand downtown makes the D-List.
The Strand downtown makes the D-List. Lauren Cusimano
Every week, the county's health inspectors within Maricopa County Environmental Services give restaurants grades after completing inspections. Participation in the rating system, however, is voluntary, which means owners or managers do not have to accept a grade after an inspection; instead, the restaurants are listed online as "not participating." And in some cases, grades posted online may change, which typically means a restaurant has provided necessary documentation for food safety or fixed a critical issue that led to a low grade. Here's a more detailed explanation of last month's report, which resulted in 11 restaurants landing on the D-list.

Sip Coffee and Beer Garage

3620 East Indian School Road

“The dishwasher was observed handling dirty dishes then going directly to handling clean dishes without washing her hands.”

“In the bar area it was observed that freshly washed cups were being hand dried with a towel after coming from the dishwasher. In the kitchen area it was observed that an employee was towel drying dishes. The employee was advised to only air dry cups. The hand dried cups and dishes were re-washed in the dishwasher at time of inspection.”

“Both restrooms lack covered receptacle.”

Newtritious Juice Bar

1445 South Arizona Avenue, #4, Chandler

“Observed PIC use register and then proceed to place on a pair of gloves to cut up raw vegetables for juicing without first washing hands.”

“Time control for safety food items was discarded or redirected to alternate cold units.”

Subway No. 7932

715 East Bell Road

“No food manager certification available in establishment with priority violations documented during inspection.”

“Observed employees washing hands for no more than 5 seconds due to clogged handsink, please ensure hands are washed for at least 20 seconds.”

“Observed packages of meat thawing on counter at ambient temperature at start of inspection.”

click to enlarge La Madeleine at Luhrs Tower scored a D. - LUHRS CITY CENTER
La Madeleine at Luhrs Tower scored a D.
Luhrs City Center

La Madeleine at Luhrs Tower

45 West Jefferson Street

“The employee operating the dish machine was not aware of how to check chlorine sanitizer levels.”

“Downstairs above the mop sink, observed a can of flying insect pesticide.”

“Below the dish machine, as well as in the basement near the water heater, and also in the coffee service area, observed over 5 drain flies flying in the air and on equipment.”

Mesa Country Club

660 West Fairway Drive, Mesa

“Observed roast beef, corn beef, provolone, tilapia at 45-60*F in reach in of prep table next to the upright reach in refrigerator.”

“Observed salsa and in walk in cooler dated from 6/1 (5 days past discard date).”

Brookdale North Scottsdale

15436 North 64th Street, Scottsdale

“Employee handling personal phone then went to glove up and handle food items without washing hands. Employee touching face went to handle clean equipment and food items without washing hands.”

“PIC was unsure of how long all other items had been out of proper temperature and discarded.”

“Pudding with no date mark.”

click to enlarge The Strand downtown makes the D-List. - LAUREN CUSIMANO
The Strand downtown makes the D-List.
Lauren Cusimano

The Strand

2 East Jefferson Street, #113

“On the cook line, observed an employee pick up a piece of equipment off the ground while wearing gloves, then proceed to remove one glove and put a new one on before returning to the panini making station and touch a plastic bin containing food.”

“On the cook line, observed an employee remove a piece of grilled chicken from the grill. Inspector asked the employee if it was done, and they said yes. The chicken was measured between 145-150*F in the thickest part. Had employee place the chicken back onto the grill to be fully cooked.”

“The door to the freezer is not able to be closed all the way due to malformation of the floor. “

Sushinola Roll Mobile, LLC

3840 West Indian School Road

“Asked person in charge big 5 food borne illness symptoms. Person in charge was able to recall 1 out of the 5.”

“Upon inspection, the only hand wash sink had dead cockroaches in the basin of the sink. The hand wash sink shall remain free of all obstructions and pest.”

“Observed dread cockroach between the cutting board and lid at food prep table across from 3 compartment sink. All surfaces and utensils shall be kept clean and free of pest (live or dead), old food particles and grease.”

“Observed live cockroaches of all life cycle throughout mobile food unit.”

click to enlarge Barro's Pizza is on the D-list. - JACKIE MERCANDETTI
Barro's Pizza is on the D-list.
Jackie Mercandetti

Barro's Pizza

2485 East Baseline Road, #158

“Observed employee working register and handling money then use tongs to sere pizza slices without washing hands.”

“Observed no conveniently located handwashing sink available for employees to wash hands prior to dispensing pizza slices.”

Country Manor Assisted Living Center, LLC

2815 North 48th Street

“Employee handling dirty equipment at three compartment sink went to handle clean equipment and serve food without washing hands.”

“Resident food bowls observed being washed, rinsed, and set on drain board to dry without being sanitized.”

“Prepared salad item (with cut tomatoes) and chicken broth in reach in coolers with no date marks.”

Multiple dead insects on glue boards stored on counter area. Ensure that dead insects are removed promptly.”

click to enlarge Pete's gets a D. - BENJAMIN LEATHERMAN
Pete's gets a D.
Benjamin Leatherman

Pete's Fish & Chips No. 4121

4121 North 44th Street

“The establishment does not have a certified food manager. All food service establishments must have a certified food manager.”

“Several items in a reach-in fridge were out of temperature.”

“The establishment does not have a thermometer to measure internal food temperatures, or internal refrigerator temperatures. All food service establishments must have a probing thermometer capable of taking internal temperatures of food.”

La Pasadita Hot Dogs No. 5

4611 West Indian School Road

“Build up of brown substance along ice chute of large ice machine in back room.”

“Two water lines connected to potable water system in back storage area next to back door with no backflow prevention device provided. Employees could not determine whether water line is used for misting system or irrigation system for small garden outside.”
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Lauren Cusimano was the Phoenix New Times food editor from 2018 to 2021. Joys include eating wings, riding bikes, knowing everyone at the bar, talking too much about The Simpsons, and falling asleep while reading.