Sprinkles Cupcakes Now Making Ice Cream (Not in Scottsdale...Yet)

Sprinkles cupcake lovers now have a cool, new choice of how to best get their sweet-on: ice cream.

This summer, the world's first cupcake bakery, which started in Beverly Hills and now has nine other locations in cities like New York, Chicago, and our very own right here in Scottsdale, introduced their very own handcrafted ice cream in classic American flavors and a few cupcake-inspired ones.

Handcrafted, slow-churned, and using organic California dairy, Sprinkles ice cream can be had in twenty flavors like classic strawberry, rocky road, and butter pecan as well as more unique creations such as Cap'n Crunch, cherry vanilla, and blood orange sorbet.

And like the cupcake shop, Sprinkles Ice Cream also carries a red velvet flavor, natch.

So far, the only storefront for the new Sprinkles Ice Cream is near its cupcake shop in Beverly Hills where customers can enjoy the cool treat in red velvet waffle cones, between cupcake tops, or as sundaes topped with housemade sauces and toppings. But according to a Yahoo! News interview with Sprinkles founder Candace Nelson, there are plans to open a second store in Newport Beach next year.

A source for the Scottsdale Sprinkles location tells me that, although there are no immediate plans to open an ice cream store in the area, there have been discussions about possibly selling pints of the ice cream at the bakery in the future.

Until then, and for everyone not currently living in Beverly Hills, the only way to get Sprinkles ice cream is to order it online.

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