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Stephen Jones Explains Why Fried Bologna Is on the Menu and Whistling Is Never Allowed in the Kitchen

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Stephen Jones Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails Hotel Palomar, CityScape 2 E. Jefferson Street, Phoenix 602-253-6633

This is part one of my interview with Stephen Jones, executive chef of Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails. Come back tomorrow to see what he says about cooking at Nobu in Vegas and why Bob Marley's in the kitchen in part two!

Stephen Jones dreamed of being a football star until an injury took him out of the game. But these days, instead of throwing the pigskin, he's more likely to cook it as the executive chef at the recently opened Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails. Influenced by his grandmother and a chef uncle at an early age, Jones grew up in the kitchen but never considered cooking as a career. That changed the day he simply decided that attending culinary school made sense for a guy with his predilections.

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Nikki Buchanan