Top 6 Celebrity Chef Parodies

Paula Deen chewing "butter gum," Rachael Ray at 7-Eleven, and wait -- is that Gordon Ramsay yelling at a nun in a soup kitchen? Like many celebrities, TV chefs get jabbed by the spoof stick, too. We don't mind, as long as it's all in good fun. And now that it's summer, we thought we'd chill inside and take a look at six of our favorite celebrity chef parodies from the over-the-top to the, um, over-the-top.

Watch the clips from the list and let us know which of your favorites we may have missed! (Warning: NSFW -- language and violence!)

1.) Paula Deen: Butter Intervention Via Funny or Die

2.) Guy Fieri: Basements, Backyards, and Garages Via The Midnight Show on Funny or Die

3.) Gordon Ramsay: Soup Kitchen Nightmares Via MadTV on YouTube

BONUS: Little Gordon Part One (parts two and three also hilarious) Via Little Gordon on YouTube

4.) Anthony Bourdain: Bourdain's Alternate Universe: Robochef Via TravelChannel TV on YouTube

5.) Rachael Ray: Rachael Ray $40 A Day Via Funny or Die

BONUS: $40 a day Rachael Ray via MadTV on YouTube (embedding disabled)

6.) Martha Stewart: Celebritweets Theater Via KCS Cougar on YouTube

7.) BONUS: Heavyweight Culinary Battle Via South Park Studios

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Laura Hahnefeld
Contact: Laura Hahnefeld