Yavapai College Launches Associates Degree in Enology -- the Science of Wine

Love wine? You can get a degree in it for real here in Arizona. Did you know enology is the science and study of wine and wine making while viticulture is a subfield specializing in vine-growing and harvesting? If you're looking for a new career or are just really into learning more about wine, you can get degrees in wine at Yavapai College in Prescott, including an associates degree in applied science-- the science of wine.

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This year Yavapai College launched a two-year associates degree in enology in conjunction with the certificate in viticulture they already offered. "The degree is stacked, meaning that the first year of the associates degree in enology is the viticulture certificate. In essence a student could just complete the certificate or continue one more year for the associates degree." says James Perey, Division Dean at Yavapai College. The studies will focus on growing grapes for wine making, vineyard practices, and vineyard management.

Most students begin courses in the fall but some start in spring as well. The tuition for the two year associates degree is $5,355 and is $2,040 for the certificate. Not a horrible price, considering the program is gaining a good reputation and has staff from Arizona Stronghold teaching classes.

On campus, they have 4 acres of vineyards planted with the intent to plant another 5 acres in spring and then finish with 17 acres in 2014. In addition to the acreage the Yavapai College Foundation's campaign to build the Southwest Wine Center has raised $800,000 toward a $2.5 million dollar teaching winery.

Note: This is the only Viticulture Program offered in the state of Arizona. The college also offers shorter term wine classes for those not ready to commit to a year or more.

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