10 Favorite Gay Bars in Greater Phoenix

10 Favorite Gay Bars in Greater Phoenix
Ludovic Bertron/Wikimedia Commons

Here's a little factoid that's perfect for your mental Rolodex: The Valley's oldest gay bar still in operation is the venerable

Nu-Towne Saloon

, which has been alive and kicking over by the Tovrea Castle since 1971. A few years later in 1974, the equally esteemed

Apollo's Lounge

opened up along Seventh Street right around the time that Tricky Dick was in some seriously hot water.

While both Apollo's and Nu-Towne (which recently reopened after nearly being destroyed by a major fire in 2010) are still in existence, the local gay bar scene is a much busier place. More than two-dozen bars and nightclubs dot the Valley, each aimed at a different slice of the LGBT community and each offering their own mix of potent pours, cheap drinks, and cheap thrills. Here's a rundown of some of our favorite spots.

10 Favorite Gay Bars in Greater Phoenix

10. Ice Pics
Boasting more hi-def televisions than most other gay establishment, this McDowell Road hangout and video bar fills its patrons' eyeballs with a non-stop stream of music videos, showtune selections, episodes of Glee, and LGBT-specific programming. 

Those bored with the boob tube can scope out a virtual boy buffet as male strippers and hot-bodied performers take to the stage five nights a week. It'll definitely fulfill your recommended daily allowance of beefcake.

10 Favorite Gay Bars in Greater Phoenix

9. Roscoe's
Gonzo fun is the name of the game at the Valley's only swishy sports spot, which is far more laidback than many other local jock joint (or gay bar, for that matter). The staff is quite zany, for instance, and typically sport referee jerseys. They've also got whistles and ain't afraid to use them on patrons who perpetrate party fouls or get unnecessarily unruly when their team doesn't win. 

Heck, barkeeps might even confiscate your keys if you've partaken in too many of Roscoe's plentiful drink specials, such as two-for-one cocktails every Tuesday through Thursday.

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