West and Wild

The “West’s Most Western Town” has had more than a little help getting that way. In 1947, the brand-spanking-new Chamber of Commerce asked local businesses to build and/or remodel using only Western-type architecture, so that Scottsdale could look like the dusty but charming cowboy town that tourists were expecting.

This year, Scottsdale turns an improbable 60 (clearly she's had some work done, as have many of her residents) and to celebrate, the W Scottsdale is hosting a 60th Birthday Bash billed as “an evening of chic wild west fun.” Locals are invited to put on their Stetsons and cowboy-tight jeans and mosey on over to the W’s WET pool deck at 7277 East Camelback Road for such stereotypical Scottsdale activities as simulated bull riding, posing in Western-themed photo booths and two-stepping to beats with a cowboy twist from DJ Soulman.

Sat., June 25, 8 p.m., 2011


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