Richard "Humpty" Vission

Hot on the heels of fellow house-music visionary Bad Boy Bill's visit to the 'Nix, former tag-team collaborator and equally influential house producer Richard "Humpty" Vission is hitting town to get y'all's asses shaking on the floor at Next on Wednesday, March 9. Humpty's been tooling with the tables since the late '80s, and the Toronto-born powerhouse has done remix work with a glut of the disco and pop set: Donna Summer, RuPaul, Ace of Base, Taylor Dayne . . . but don't hold that against him. Vission's known for running through a plethora of records per hour during his infamous sets, and you can expect the energy to be through the roof. Even if the guy did compose the score to Judge Mathis. For more information, call 480-970-NEXT (6398).


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