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Josh Rhodes' Exhibition "I Was Never Here" is a Farewell to Phoenix

Josh and Sarah Rhodes are a local dream team when it comes to creating; Josh makes art at Subtle Takeover, and Sarah takes pictures at Arrow & Apple.

But this artistic power couple won't be local much longer. Sarah got an offer to work full-time as a photographer for the lifestyle blog A Beautiful Mess, which requires relocation to the Midwest.

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We caught up with the pair over coffee at Lux, one of their favorite Phoenix hangouts, to talk about their impending move, their impressions of the Valley, and Josh's farewell show next month.

Though the two have been married for just four years, they have already lived in three (soon to be four) different locations across the United States. They say oddest place they have lived so far was a 200-square-foot cabin in the woods in Washington. (Sarah laughs as she recalls Josh trying to paint while sitting on the bed with an easel squished up against the wall).

Both agree that the space in Phoenix was a welcome change. "Living in a bigger city with a creative community has been really great," Sarah says. "There are just so many amazing artists and designers. It's great to have that support and inspiration."

"Every place has its pros and cons," says Josh, who is a bit more skeptical. "I saw the arts scene growing, but personally, I never saw a ton of art that I liked. Plus, it seems like artists are often coming and going."

He notes that the large population in Phoenix doesn't necessarily equal more art sales. "It's a Phoenix phenomenon. Everything's just so spread out."

Even though he has some criticism of the art scene, he admits he couldn't imagine doing anything else.

"People trash talk Phoenix a lot, but we've really loved it here," Sarah says.

The two are still unsure about moving to rural Missouri, but the opportunity with A Beautiful Mess is a dream job for Sarah. Josh will also be contributing to the website with D.I.Y. projects (he's already created a few), and he plans to continue making art and freelancing.

The couple is having their first child in November, and they say that they are happy she will be born in Phoenix.

Josh will be having a final exhibition, "I Was Never Here," on display for the month of September at the Skyline Loft Gallery at Third Street and Filmore. The opening reception will take place on Friday, September 6, from 7 to 10 p.m. For more information visit You can also find him on Twitter and Instagram.

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