Seven Board Games We'd Like to See Made Into Movies

In an increasingly global entertainment market in which brand recognition is key, the adaptation is king. Audiences from Omaha to Sydney flock to films like The Fellowship of the Ring and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo already knowing what to expect.

But classic and contemporary literature aren't the only viable sources for making movies, as behemoth toymaker Hasbro has taught us (sometimes kicking and screaming).

Hasbro's products have inspired profit-making machines like Transformers and G.I. Joe on the big screen, plus television series like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (and the less successful Littlest Pet Shop, which flat-lined out of the gate in the '90s and crushed all future plans for spinoffs Littlest Pet Shop of New Jersey and Atlanta).

And with Battleship - an adaptation of one of company's popular board games - hitting theaters on Friday, chances are Hasbro sends the best gift baskets in Tinseltown (Johnnie Walker Blue Label and a box of Weebles? Yes please!).

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Amanda Kehrberg
Contact: Amanda Kehrberg