Thrifty Treasures and Basement Sale Steals at Domestic Bliss

 Domestic Bliss,  and a boutique in downtown Mesa has just the solution. 

As its name implies, Domestic Bliss carries whimsical clothing and rustic decor for well-to-do women and children. Its neighboring by-appointment showroom, FOUND, carries slightly more eccentric decor and furniture (think Anthropologie's home section, in neutral-vision). 

It's all quite expensive, with most furniture pieces hovering in the hundreds and decor accessories not far behind. But once a month, something magical happens to this real-life Real Simple spread: a two-day basement sale and flea market. 

While the prices are far from Goodwill (especially on furniture), the sale offers some great steals on vintage and modern decor. Hang on to your secondhand hats -- we're going bargain-hunting.

Under $80 

1. Lamp - $75 (pictured above) 
Ceramic paper mache bird lamps are all the rage -- and this exact version retails for $395.Steal! 

Under $50 

1. Industrial desk chair - $49 
Take this Midcentury modern-esque sucker and paint it an insane color. (Hot pink? Saffron? Why not?) One splash of color can transform a droll piece and modernize a room. 

2. Vintage trunk - $35 
Trunks are hip with the shabby-chic set. Put this at the foot of your bed and hide your shoes inside. Or, convert to a coffee table. Just don't travel with it. 

3. Vintage fan - $25 
Both retro and super useful. Cool off while sitting in your new saffron chair and pretending you're a Draper. 

Under $20 
1.Herb pots and plants - $15 each 
Grow your own herbs in these rustic pots. Great for kitchen windows and easily impressed dinner guests. 

1. Candle holder - $90 
Who buys a $90 candle holder? WHO? But imagine what a killer table centerpiece this would make. Just sayin'.

Domestic Bliss is at 166 W. Main St No. 104 in Mesa. It's open Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.. 

For more information and upcoming basement sale details, check out the Domestic Bliss website or call (480) 733-0552. 

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Jessica Testa