Your Guide to 6 A Christmas Carol Productions in Metro Phoenix

A Christmas Carol is a moving, witty, smoothly written piece of 19th-century propaganda about being a nice person all the time -- and maybe just being extra-nice at Christmastime -- and removing that stick from up your butt already. It works so well and is so very in the public domain (and therefore royalty-free -- royalties paid to authors can be a big expense for a small theater) that stage versions are extremely popular and, as we've mentioned, can be quite different from one another.

This is a good place to mention that once upon a time, three men were killed in three separate car accidents on Christmas Eve. At the Pearly Gates, St. Peter said, "I really wanted to take a half-day, so let's make this easy. Just show me something Christmasy from your pockets, and into Heaven you go."

The first man pulled out his keys (we guess he wasn't the driver in his accident) and shook them up and down to make them jingle. "Get it?" he said. "Bells! Christmas bells!" And through the gates he went.

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