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Arty Girl: City of Phoenix Public Arts Wants You

There are a lot of bored people out there right now. I'm talking about the unemployed, of course (although audiences of the new Terminator movie might fit the category as well - just my opinion).

Without work, one becomes under-stimulated, restless and anxious. And if you happen to be an unemployed artist, days can get rough.

Well, allow me to tell you about an opportunity that will keep your creativity churning and your hands from becoming idle. The City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture is looking for artists and design teams to apply for not one, but two public art projects.

The first is listed on their website and calls for artists, designers, metalsmiths, graphic artists and industrial designers residing in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico or Utah to submit designs for metal fences and gates for several prominent city sites. They are encouraging artists new to public art to apply with July 10th as a deadline. Again, check the website for details about all the little things you need to do to apply.

The second opportunity I heard about doesn't appear on their website for some reason, so I'll give a little more detail.

The office wants pitches for an entry feature for the Fire Training Academy, a 50-acre training campus, located at 2425 W. Lower Buckeye Rd. The place will have burn buildings, a driver training track, classrooms and administrative offices and is poised to be one of the best training facilities in the nation. Since the campus will be secure, the public art piece will focus on the exterior front entry plaza for all to see. It should celebrate the service of fire fighters via sculpture, landscaping, sidewalks or pavements.

There's a whole lot of information outlining this application process (you can get all the deets by emailing Elizabeth Grajales, Public Art Manager, [email protected]) but I'll tell you what you need to know for now.

The deadline is July 10th.


The deadline is July 10th.

The application process is pretty extensive so, if you're interested, fire it up (get it?) and start making your moves.

Feels good to be motivated again, eh?

For more information about both projects, contact Elizabeth Grajales, Public Art Project Manager, 602-534-7230, [email protected]

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Lilia Menconi
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