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Arty Girl: Save money at MADE art boutique tonight!

I swear to God, if I make another, "Hey kids, with the economy being down and all..." comment on this blog, my creativity is officially tapped out.

So I tread carefully as I write about MADE art boutique's celebration of the recent, mini-recovery of the economy we've all barely felt with "BANK: artist-made banks".

Tonight, MADE debuts re-interpretations of that trusty little banker we've all had at least once in our lives, the piggy bank. This cutesy thing has a fuzzy history. Some folks say (and by "folks" I mean websites that I googled) it originated during the middle ages when people put their extra change in earthenware pots made of fired clay called "pygg". And others say it started with a little American boy in the early 1900's who raised a pig and sold it to help lepers, creating the compassionate trend of the "pig bank movement".

Either way, the traditional piggy bank has found its way to MADE via the creative minds of six artists who contemplated, reconsidered and recreated the tiny saver. Artists include Brian Boner, Neil Borowitz, Cyndi Coon, John Ebinger, Erin Glaser and Spencer Hibert

The reception for "BANK" goes down from 6-9 p.m. tonight (Friday, June 19th) at MADE art boutique. There will be complimentary lemonade, wine and cookies. Hey kids, with the economy being down and all, you can't beat that.

(See what I did there? So much for creativity.)

MADE art boutique, 922 N. Fifth Street on the corner of Roosevelt in Phoenix, 602-256-6233,

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