Here Are 10 Metal Albums You Must Hear Before You Die

By Alex Distefano

I have been a heavy metal fan for over 50 percent of my existence on this planet. But when you're talking about the all-encompassing musical genre known as "heavy metal," you might as well be talking about something as infinitely complicated as the universe. It's that vast, and the amount of territory to cover is limitless, especially for the uninitiated.

From traditional heavy metal, to the many sub-genres of metal -- black metal, thrash, death metal, grindcore, etc. -- there seems to be an eternity of music out there, from the younger up-and-comers to old-school favorites that stand the test of time. Coming up with a list of 10 was not as easy a task. After hours upon hours of listening, serious contemplation, and coin-flipping, I managed to come up with a list that, although definitely biased towards a more aggressive and extreme forms of heavy metal, still highlights some amazing albums that contain solid musicianship and, above all, great songs.

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