Iron Maiden Put on Awesome Show for the Kids at Cricket Wireless Pavilion

Apparently, the Lakers-Celtics game wasn't enough to keep droves of people from attending Iron Maiden at Cricket Wireless Pavilion last night. According to fans who Tweeted their mini-reviews of the show after the concert, the crowd was filled with quite a few young'n's, and everyone got to witness the legendary metal band unveil a new version of their mascot, Eddie.

What did everyone think of the show? The word of the night seemed to be "awesome," but when you're describing a band who's been around for more than 30 years, that seems pretty appropriate. Read on for more fan-fueled thoughts about the show.

@ChambersofFear- Iron Maiden was a great show last night! Loved the new Eddie....

@FreedyLonewolf- iron maiden concert was awesome

@Jimithing76- Iron Maiden. Very nice

@EngelMuller- iron maiden awesome!!!

@trejaye- whoooo! Awesome show. saw EDDIE!! IRON MAIDEN!!!!

@JJ_Dawes24- best nyt eva - Iron Maiden concert n hearn da Lakers winnin it all...

@AndliKills_- Iron Maiden was... EPIC!!

@Joethemetalhead- Iron Maiden was fucking awesome. The best concert I've ever been to. I got janick gers and nicko mcbrain's wristbands!!!!!

@_MissElizabeth- Iron maiden was the shit. Oh how I love guys with long hair

@Nightrider10453- iron maiden was awesome.

@acesheila- Iron Maiden ROCKED...the parking lot, not so much.

@miocyon- People watching in the parking lot after an Iron Maiden show is nearly as much fun as the concert.

@raaaaal13- IRON MAIDEN WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!

@GiniKoch- Iron Maiden rocked as always! Crowd was great, excellent concert.

@bigredape- Just saw Iron Maiden!! Aw yeah, better than ever. Sold out Cricket Pavillion again. Sooo many teenagers here! Good sign. Big as ever!

@cocobeaner1987- Iron maiden Fucking kicked ass! Amazing show!

@Xchelm- Iron Maiden rocked it. Wish the guy behind me didn't pee on my friend.

@maliciousmarco- playin it! haha iron maiden=AWESOME!

@wesatrek- At iron maiden. I'm too old 4 this.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.