10 Things in Phoenix That Drive People Nuts

Living anywhere comes with a set of annoyances that can drive people crazy, and life in Phoenix is no exception.

Below, find the top 10 things in Phoenix that drive people nuts:

10.) A Broken Air Conditioner in the Summer

Oh, you can come three days from now to repair my broken air conditioner? Yeah, sure, just don't mind my dead body when you get here.

9.) Bad Drivers

Obviously, bad drivers are everywhere, but let's single out the drivers in downtown Phoenix, where it seems that everyone is driving for the first time -- driving at half the speed limit, swerving around various lanes, and being extraordinarily confused by one-way streets. 8.) Waiting for Cold Water to Come Out of the Faucet During Summer

Questions for those with patience: Does cold water ever actually come out?

7.) Mosquitoes

There have been a lot of mosquitoes around the Valley recently, which is driving people nuts. Imagine this: Some places in the U.S. almost always have mosquitoes. Gasp. 6.) Politicians

From President Obama on down to your city councilman, everyone complains about one politician or another -- and usually, rightfully so.

5.) Snowbirds

Snowbirds aren't particularly malicious, but some people tend to blame foreigners for all of their problems. 4.) Summer Electric Bills

Oh, sure APS, shall I also mail in my first-born along with this $500 check?

3.) Traffic

Believe it or not, Phoenix has the lightest traffic of any of America's biggest cities. Does that alleviate the complaining? Absolutely not. 2.) Humidity

There are always a few days a year when Phoenix feels like a July day in Miami -- and you're going to hear about it from a lot of sweaty people.

1.) Rain

Nothing ruins a Phoenix resident's day like some rain. Just a few months ago schools closed and people stayed home from work due to record rain.

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