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10 Worst ASU Frat Parties

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Even the most casual observers know an Arizona State University fraternity's "MLK Black Party" isn't the first ASU fraternity party to face public scrutiny.

Check out 10 of the worst parties involving ASU fraternity members, which includes events not officially sanctioned by the frats:

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10.) Stripper Party

In 2010, a member of the Alpha Epsilon Pi told ASU administrators that he and others were sexually hazed by being pressured into performing sexual acts on strippers, according to ASU's State Press. Photographs of the acts were among the evidence turned over to administrators.

9.) Stabbing

During a 2010 party at the Sigma Nu frat house, a 21-year-old frat member went to his room after his brothers threatened to throw him in a pool, and said he'd stab them if anyone came in. Two guys went in there, and the frat brother stabbed one of them with a box cutter. He later pleaded guilty to a felony assault charge.

8.) Bat Attack

Last year, five ASU students were hospitalized after a brawl broke out at a Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity party, police said. In an apparent argument over a girl, a group of non-students showed up to the party with weapons, including baseball bats and a gun, which was fired in the air.

7.) "Gallon Challenge"

In 2009, Delta Sigma Phi had pledges participate in the "gallon challenge," which consisted of the pledges drinking a gallon of milk and attempting not to vomit. They vomited -- while standing atop the University Drive bridge. According to multiple reports, the vomiting caused a woman to rear-end another car on University Drive, injuring her and her 6-year-old kid.

6.) Everclear Plus Fire

During a party last year at the home of a Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity member, another member of the fraternity allegedly tossed a bottle of Everclear into a bonfire. Police said the flaming alcohol landed on two girls, burning an 18-year-old student, and a 17-year-old prospective student, severely burning them.

5.) Elevator Beating

While this didn't take place at a party, three members of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity were arrested last year, after allegedly trapping a student in the elevator of an off-campus apartment complex, and beating him. The victim's jaw had to be wired shut.

4.) Tequila-Drinking Contest

Earlier this year, a 20-year-old tudent in the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity was dumped at a hospital by his "friends" after a tequila-drinking contest, which nearly killed the student, who had a .47 blood-alcohol level. The contest apparently was not a fraternity-wide event. However, police said the other people involved dropped off the student in a wheelchair at the hospital, with a sticky-note stuck to him. He was "turning blue" while being treated at the hospital, according to police, but he survived.

3.) "MLK Black Party"

The Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity has had its recognition revoked by ASU after members hosted a party on the MLK holiday, in which (white) attendees dressed up in basketball jerseys and bandannas, threw up gang signs, and drank out of a hollowed-out watermelon.

2.) Race Riot

Back in 1989, a group of guys that included several black men attacked multiple people at the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house on fraternity row. They later came back and threw rocks at the house and one man pointed a gun at the house, but they fled again. Later that night, four black men leaving a neighboring fraternity party -- who had absolutely nothing to do with the attacks that night -- were surrounded by members of SAE and other fraternities, and were attacked, while racial slurs and hate-speech was screamed at them. Police estimated 500 people were there, in what was termed a "race riot."

1.) Pledge's Death

In 2012, members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon -- the fraternity also implicated in the race riot of the late '80s and the recent tequila-drinking contest -- was hosting an event at a bar in Tempe. Included in that event was ASU freshman Jack Culolias, a fraternity pledge who was underage, but managed to drink at the bar anyway. Culolias eventually got kicked out. By himself, Culolias wandered away. He was found dead in a river bed two weeks later. Police did not suspect foul play.

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