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ASU Wins Free Food from the A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas Munchies Truck Tour

​The A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas Munchies Truck Tour hit Tempe yesterday afternoon at - you guessed it - 4:20 p.m. on the dot. This social media competition to promote the third installment in the Harold & Kumar franchise (hitting theatres Nov. 4) pitted ASU Main against ASU Downtown. When the votes were tallied, ASU's downtown campus had massacred ASU Tempe on Facebook (winning 77% of the vote), but the Cinderella story ended there when the all Twitter votes were counted.

​And the spoils were very, very good: free food outside the ASU bookstore from the Short Leash hotdog food truck. In honor of the film, Short Leash served up three unique and tasty dogs. "The Harold" - an homage to the comic duo's "straight man" - featured coleslaw, blue cheese, and BBQ sauce on a traditional Weiner. "The Kumar" kicked it up with mango chutney on a spicy beer hot dog. But the real standout, which quickly spawned an Inception-style line-within-a-line, was dubbed "The 420": bratwurst with sauerkraut, onions, and bacon slow-cooked in dark beer and served on a pretzel roll with Munster cheese and Bavarian mustard. That's one munchies cure-all for you.

See the hotdog tribute to Kumar - and Harold and Kumar in the flesh - after the jump.

​​​We went for The 420 and were not all disappointed (keep in mind that this opinion was formed in a state of non-munchies-desperation, giving it all the more weight). The pretzel roll only fit the middle, so you had to eat your way through both sides of the bratwurst to reach the real symphony of flavor, but the bratwurst itself was juicy enough to stand on its own. All those ingredients together created a particularly sweet taste that lingered hours afterward (and believe me, we usually run from sauerkraut - but this was decidedly not the stuff your German grandmother cooks that stinks up the whole block).

John Cho and Kal Penn - Harold and Kumar themselves - were on campus on Monday for a brief Q&A and an autograph signing outside the bookstore. Their advice? See the film in 3D - it was done well (unlike, say, the 3D conversion disaster that was The Last Airbender) and worth the extra money.

Cho, amidst the witty one-liners (in person, he's much more the "funny man" in the duo than the role he plays), did call the Harold and Kumar characters a couple of "double underdogs." We suppose now they can say they're hot dogs, too.

To find out where you can catch the Short Leash food truck on its regular route, click here. For more information on the Munchies Truck Tour (or to try your hand at voting in an upset for Boston University or Johns Hopkins, you know you want to), go to the Harold & Kumar Facebook page.

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