Bao Bing, the Cool and Fruity Asian Treat, Gets Its Own Shop in Central Phoenix May 4

Bao bing (pronounced bow-BING) has been a ubiquitous part of Asian cuisine for hundreds of years (seriously, it's been traced back to China as early as the seventh century A.D.) But here in the United States, the dessert made with finely shaved ice, fresh fruit, and flavored sugar syrup and condensed milk is a rare find indeed.

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Not so when it comes to Snoh. The new "ice shavery," opening in Central Phoenix on Saturday, May 4, plans to give bao bing fans and newcomers a cool taste of this popular Asian treat.

Located at 914 East Camelback Road (between Seventh and 12th streets and in the same strip mall as Cherryblossom Noodle Cafe), Snoh features a three-step process for building your own bao bing along with a small menu of milk and iced teas.

To create your personalized bao bing, first choose the size (small: $3.75, regular: $5.50, and large: $6.75) and shaved ice flavor (original, taro, mango, strawberry, Thai tea, and green tea). Then, pick from toppings including mochi balls, boba, kiwi, lychee -- even Oreos -- followed by glaze options of condensed milk, chocolate, caramel, and black sesame.

Snoh Ice Shavery 914 East Camelback Road 888-488-1693 www.snoh-ice.com

(No hours listed at the time of this post.)

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